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WITHIN SIGHT – my new book!

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Within Sight by Mentalist and Magician Louis Pezzani

“I’ve spent most of my life exploring anomalous phenomena: extrasensory perception, impossible events, psychic driving, seance room manifestations and much, much more. When I was a teen I spent most of my time in libraries. Searching for evidence. Proof of the impossible. I am skeptical when it comes to Hollywood’s version of the psychic world—I find it doesn’t work like that. It’s not that simple.
Not black and white.”

“But along the way, I ran into lots of other ideas. Not nearly as sensational or bizarre, but I did find some very interesting and extremely practical information which ultimately, I think is far more useful.”
“Most of what I’ve written about deals with the connection between the body and the mind. You will find that while these ideas are technically very simple, they have tremendous depth, if you choose to examine them. They are tools. And they work.”

Contents include…
Everything Is Hidden In Plain Sight
Body Language Interpretation
One Foot In Front of the Other
Measuring the Effects of Positive and Negative
Mirrors in the Funhouse

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Unique and amazing recipes! Hidden gems! Etc, etc!

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