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Audience members become the stars of the show and are featured in demonstrations of “mindreading”, reading body language, and mind over matter!

MIND MAGIC will transform YOUR event into an unforgettable experience for all attending!

“This is audience participation done RIGHT.”

– Winnipeg Free Press

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Louis Pezzani’s amazing, funny and critically acclaimed show is guaranteed entertainment for ANY event you want to be remembered for a very long time!

MIND MAGIC consists of astounding, engaging and very funny demonstrations of Magic of the Mind, also known as Mentalism. Louis’ show is hilarious and mindboggling – with lots of audience participation!


Louis will work with you to tailor his performance according to your events needs and audience.

The show can fit perfectly as a 15 minutes stand-alone presentation, as the main activity during a corporate banquet or as fundraising entertainment which will “draw in the crowds”!

MIND MAGIC is captivating interactive mystery entertainment which transforms ANY event into an unforgettable experience.


With MIND MAGIC, the entire audience can participate in demonstrations of the impossible! In fact, your guests actually become STARS in the show!
Audiences LOVE seeing the reactions of friends taking part – especially when they’ve just had their mind read, or a spoon bend in their hand. At different points during the show, more than 20 people come up on stage to participate. But people also take part while sitting in the audience, laughing with friends and family.

Louis treats everyone with courtesy and never reveals embarrassing personal information during the show.

Bewildering feats of the mind combined with very funny and totally clean humour will keep your guests engaged and entertained from beginning to end.

With MIND MAGIC everybody has a great time!

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