Alberta entertainer, Magician of the Mind and Mentalist Louis Pezzani has combined a lifelong study of magic, comedy, psychology, intuition, perceptual manipulation, and mind-over-matter to produce a unique and astounding INTERACTIVE presentation he calls MIND MAGIC!

MIND MAGIC has Universal Appeal!

Louis explains: “My show is unique in that there can be a teenager sitting next to a senior citizen, sitting next to a 30-year-old, and each of them will gasp, laugh and applaud. And they’ll all remember that experience for the rest of their lives! I don’t know of any other type of entertainment so popular with such a wide range of audiences. MIND MAGIC really does appeal to EVERYONE.

Alberta entertainer, Mentalist and Magician of the Mind, Louis Pezzani.

Your guests don’t just watch Louis’ show – they are PART of it – with LOTS of fun audience participation!



Unfortunately, there is a popular trend with traditional magicians (children’s performers included, we kid you not) who are repackaging their act and selling it as a “mentalist” show. If in doubt, do a Google search for the name of the performer. If they also come up as a “Comedy Magician” or “Comedy Hypnotist” you should probably keep looking…

Louis has been specializing in Mentalism since he was a kid – and decades later, he is considered one of the top Mentalists in the world!

From a 5 star resort in Singapore, to a community hall in a village in Northern Alberta, Edmonton Mentalist Louis Pezzani’s MIND MAGIC presents a World Class entertainment experience your guests will never forget!